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Thursday, August 31, 2006


After breakfast at the hotel, I was at a loss as what to do because
most of the tasks on my list are complete. I drove out to Frisco Lakes
and decided not to go to my house and get in the way. I parked at the
sales center and went for a walk. All the sidewalks in Frisco Lakes
were something that really attracted me. I walked up to the amenity
center that is under constructions. I estimate that 70 percent of the
brick work is complete. I love all the brick in Frisco Lakes. I then
went the opposite direction and followed the walk around the lake to
its end. The lake is a man-made lake. It is being filled with well
water, and it is a long process. The drought has made filling the lake
very difficult.

Finally I drove to my house. I made a quick inspection. My
construction superintendent was carrying in some new kitchen cabinet
doors to swap out in my kitchen. There were some scratches which they
had repaired on mine. I asked them to change them, and they are doing
it. They really seem to want the homeowners to be satisfied. I went
outside. The neighbor who has moved in was just finishing mowing his
lawn. We talked for a while. He said the post office is delivering
mail to them. I was glad to hear that.

As I was getting ready to leave, three people walked up. They are my
next door neighbors. The couple who will be my neighbors are from
Puerto Rico. I wonder if they can claim the record for coming the
longest distance. Their daughter, who lives in the Dallas, was with
them. They are closing a few days after me and will be moving in
immediately. At least three houses will be occupied by the time I move
in and the rest of the cul-de-sac will follow shortly.

I went back to the hotel and called the clock service man. I had to
leave a voice mail message for him. He called back last night, and I
made an appointment for him to come out Monday September 11 in the
afternoon to set up the clock. I have had that clock so long that it
is like an old friend. I have missed its chimes since it was
immobilized for the move on August 24.

I had lunch with my email friend, Mary, at Applebee's here in Frisco.
I enjoyed meeting her for the first time. She is just as nice and
intelligent as I imagined she would be. She and her husband will be
moving into Frisco Lakes in the second quarter of next year. They have
some very busy months ahead of them. They will have it a little easier
because they live in the area.

After lunch, I went to a Tom Thumb grocery store and looked around.
When I lived in Houston, Randall's was my favorite grocery store.
Randall's and Tom Thumb are supposed to have the same ownership. Tom
Thumb has a program which gives one American Airlines AAdvantage mile
for every dollar spent. I signed up and got my card. I am always
watching for ways to get AAdvantage miles. I have enough miles for a
business class around the world ticket, but by the time I get the
miles from the sale of my house I will be getting close to having
enough miles to make that a first class ticket. Now with all the
security hassles I do not know if I will want to go on the trip.

AT&T called back yesterday to verify a few details. I was glad they
did because they had the wrong date to end the Beaumont service. That
is straightened out now. I asked about what calling features I am
getting. As I expected, I am getting the works: caller ID, voice mail,
call waiting, call forwarding, etc. I did not write down all that she
rattled off. A better question would have been: What am I not getting?

The closing is at 11 AM this morning. I expect all to go smoothly. I
will be relieved when they tell me that the money that was wired by my
bank on Tuesday was received.


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