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Wednesday, August 30, 2006


The day after the rain was a wonderful day in Frisco. The temperature
stayed in the 80's and the humidity was low. I heard on the local news
that Dallas had not seen such low temperatures since April.

AT&T called me back and we finished up details for my phone, DSL and
Dish Network installation. There will be two technicians come to my
house on Monday morning, September 11. One will install the Dish
Network and the other will install phone and DSL. I was originally
going to get the phone installed on September 8; but when I changed to
the package which includes DSL, I decided it would not be a good idea
to have all of that going on while the movers are bringing in the
furniture. I did not find out what calling features are included with
the package I am getting. I am thinking that most of the features will
be included because she didn't try to sign me up for them. It is my
experience that they never miss an opportunity to try and sell
additional services.

Sometime in 2007 AT&T is supposed to start offering their U-Verse
television service in Dallas. I do not understand all the details, but
it is receiving very favorable reviews. San Antonio is the first city
to get the service. I did not have to sign a contract with the Dish
Network so I can switch to U-Verse without penalty. The Del Webb
people seem very happy that AT&T is bringing fiber to the homes in
Frisco Lakes. I think the technology that AT&T is adopting is called
video over IP. I can remember reading articles back in the mid 1990's
saying that the Internet was going to fail because it could not carry
all the traffic when the general population started using it. That is
almost laughable now with all the services that are being carried on
the Internet. It has managed to hang together.

I went to the Frisco City Hall yesterday and talked to a woman in the
water department. She looked me up. They had received my fax, and my
service is set to begin on the day I close. I am going to call CoServe
and double check today. When I called, they showed no gas meter. It is
definitely in place now.

I also need to call the clock service man and make an appointment for
him to come out and set up the clock. I went in a beauty shop that I
had seen recommended on one of the Frisco Online forums. It is right
on Main St. in the old business district. I talked to the owner and
made an appointment for the week after I move in. I do not know if I
will continue to go there, but my hair grows fast if I do not like the
haircut. I am having lunch today with a lady who is going to move into
Frisco Lakes in the spring. She found this blog, and we have been
exchanging emails. I am looking forward to meeting her. She has a good
sense of humor that shows in her emails.


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