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Thursday, August 17, 2006

People Are Being Nice to Me

This morning Julie cut my hair for the last time. When I tried to pay
her, she refused to take my money. She said it was her goodbye present
for me. I am going to miss her. She has cut my hair for the last four
years. Before that I was the customer of her older sister, Kathy,
until she retired.

When I got home, there was an invoice from the new trash hauler, Mr.
Garbage. Their bill covers the period from September through November.
I called them and asked them if they would prorate the bill since I
was only going to be here the first week of September. They said to
forget about paying them that they would pick up the trash until I

The new neighbor on my cul-de-sac who is closing the week before me
sent me the following progress report on the house:
"Your master bathroom tile window sill was not yet installed.
Your Whirlpool Tub was sitting in the bedroom, but not installed yet.
Your appliances were in, not sure if final touches were done or not.
Mine had been put in since last week when I was there.
Your sprinkler system was in, some of your landscaping was in, (some
trees, but not sod, but sod sitting in piles near the street, not sure
if it was yours or the house next to us)"

I talked to the shutter people yesterday and made arrangements for
them to send me a sample of the paint color for my approval and for
them to install all the shutters except the master bathroom before I
move in. The whirlpool tub is what is delaying completion of the tile
in the master bathroom and preventing the shutter people from getting
the final window measurements.

I had my final doctor's appointment in Beaumont this morning. This
doctor, too, was unable to recommend someone in Frisco. He just told
me to make certain my new doctor is board certified. He wrote out the
order for my mammogram on a prescription form because there is not
enough time to get an appointment here in Beaumont before I leave. I
will have to find someplace to go in Frisco.

I called my health insurer, pharmacy insurer and Social Security with
address changes. The Social Security Administration has an automated
system for address changes. It would not accept my new address. I was
on hold for 13 minutes before a human came on the line. I told her the
usual about the brand new street in the brand new subdivision that was
not recognized by computer systems. She was able to handle it. She
said that my address was also being updated for Medicare so there was
no need to notify them.

I will be glad when I have a group of medical professionals,
hairdresser, etc. all selected in Frisco so my life can go back on
auto pilot.


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