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Friday, August 04, 2006

Getting Ready

Right after I signed the sales contract on my new house I went to the website of the Texas Residential Construction Commission and downloaded a PDF file that gives a seven page checklist to use when you have your final walk-through with the builder. Here is a link to the form: Checklist for your Home. It has many things on it that I would have never thought to check. I have printed a copy and will have it with me on the 28th when my walk-through is scheduled.
The booklet I received from Mayflower has checklists that start six weeks out from the move. I reread the lists yesterday. I have already taken care of a lot of the things on the lists. Getting my financial papers organized is something I still have to accomplish. I also have checklists from Cendant Mobility which referred me to the Coldwell Banker realtor that I am going to use. It doesn't take long to find so many checklists that they make your head spin.
Yesterday I got an email from the Frisco Lakes group leader for the monthly movie and a dinner. They are going to see Scoop this Sunday. I just saw an ad for Scoop on TV. It looks like it will be a good movie. I wrote to the chair person and told her to count on me for the movies starting in October. It will be so nice for me to be able to think about fun activities and no longer be constantly thinking about the move.
The inventory of unsold homes in my price category in Beaumont has been wiped out. My house will have very little competition when it is finally listed. I just hope there are a few buyers left.


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