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Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Yesterday I finally went into action regarding the last items I want to have the Salvation Army remove from the house before I move. I went through the house and made a list. There are seven items. I then went out into the garage and started moving items off of the shelves on one side of the garage. It was so hot and humid in the garage that I could hardly stand it. I was only able to work for half an hour, but I accomplished quite a bit. I am going to put in another half hour today. I then called the Salvation Army and told them what I want to donate. They are going to come out on Wednesday, August 9. It is good to have a date scheduled. That will keep the pressure on me to finish what I need to do.
Mosquitoes are hatching in Beaumont after all the rain we had last week. I saw several in the garage yesterday and know I was bitten. Several cases of West Nile virus have been reported in Beaumont. A medical doctor came down with the illness. He went public. He thinks he was bitten while working in his yard. This morning I am going to use Off before I go out into the garage. I do not want to get sick when I have so much ahead of me.
I got an email from the people who are making the plantation shutters for the new house. They went to the house yesterday to make final measurements and found that the tile is still not in around the window in the master bathroom. The bathtub is not in. It makes me wonder if the schedule is going to change.
Last week I got a catalog from Land's End that had swimsuits in it. I thought it might be the last chance of the summer to buy a swimsuit. The Frisco Lakes amenity center is supposed to open in January. I may want to try out the indoor pool. I thought it might be difficult to find a swimsuit in January. I tried to order one yesterday but found the one I selected is back ordered until September 6. That is going to be the middle of my moving week. I do not dare risk having a package delivered during that time.


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