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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Lucky Break for Me

I sprayed Off over my arms and legs and headed out to the garage. I have three shelf units that I bought from Sears back in the 1970's. Each shelf unit came with nine cardboard storage boxes. The shelves and boxes were unassembled when I bought them. I can remember it was quite a chore to do the assembly. Half the boxes were harvest gold and the other half were avocado green which were extremely popular colors in the 70's. I have searched for years for new boxes of the same size but have never been able to find them. The boxes had reached the point they were falling apart. When I started my sorting and eliminating, I emptied 2/3 of the boxes. I told the moving company estimators that I want the packers to repack the contents of the remaining boxes.
This morning I went out into the garage and started taking the empty boxes off the shelves and stacked the full ones over to the side. I was happy to find that only seven of the boxes still have things in them. I did a better job than I remembered last spring. Tuesday is trash day. I decided to put as many of the empty boxes out by the curb as I could. I was afraid the trashmen might object to 20 boxes all at one time and planned to put more out each trash day. The trash truck came by as I was carrying the boxes to the curb. The driver got out of the truck and came to my garage and helped me carry all of the boxes out and took them away. We have only had this trash hauler for two months. I think we really got a good one.


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