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Monday, July 31, 2006

Summer Heat and Moving

I have been reading the material that the Mayflower estimator gave me and have been wondering about how the high summer temperatures will impact my move. The Mayflower booklet recommended that you take all of your computer diskettes and CD's with you in the car since they can be damaged by heat. I packed all of the critical software and manuals in a box. The storage unit I rented in Frisco is climate controlled. High temperatures are harmful to electronic components. I am thinking about taking my photo printer, laser printer and scanner to the storage unit when I go up to Frisco for the closing. I am trying to decide if I can do without my laser printer and scanner for approximately two weeks. I also have music CD's, old vinyl records and tapes that probably will not do well in the heat. I want to save room in my car for my important financial papers that I need to take with me on the final trip after Labor Day.
Last week I made hotel reservations for my final night in Beaumont and for the next two nights in Frisco. I am hoping that I only have to stay in the hotel one night in Frisco. Mayflower gave me a two day window for the delivery so I do not know at this point if I need a one or two night hotel stay in Frisco. I have not felt sad about leaving Beaumont until I made the hotel reservation for the final night in Beaumont. It hit me rather hard when I started thinking in terms of "the final night."
My goal for this week is to get everything off of the shelves in the garage so I can call the Salvation Army and have them remove the shelves. I have been dragging my feet on this chore. I feel like getting the Salvation Army out here is my last major chore.


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