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Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Monday I got a phone call to let me know that Tuesday's trip to Fossil Rim Park was going to be postponed until July. They were afraid it would be very muddy and unpleasant after all the rain. Of course, the sun was out on Tuesday, but the rain returned this morning. The trip delay is all right with me, but I am concerned that by July the temperature will be near 100. That will also be very miserable.
At last I did a little exercising at the Village Center. I walked on the track. It is some type of rubberized material which is a little kinder to the joints than walking on concrete. I prefer to walk outdoors, but there are so many mosquitoes after all the rain that I am rather fearful to be outside. After I got home from my walk, I found my pedometer, but the display was flashing which indicated it needed a new battery. I searched high and low for the operating instructions and finally found them when I was about ready to give up. I found the battery that the pedometer uses at Target. Later in the afternoon, I went through the calibration procedure so the pedometer is set for the length of my walking stride. I will got back to walk again tomorrow with the pedometer.
While I was out yesterday, I went to the two stores that carry Red Hat merchandise. I don't want to wear the same thing to every meeting. I didn't see anything that appealed to me. I came hope and searched the Internet. I found a T-shirt from a place called They had a Red Hat T-shirt that I liked. They have a fairly decent rating on Yahoo Shopping so I decided to risk placing an order with them. It turned out they are located in Houston. A couple of hours after I placed the order, they emailed the UPS tracking number to me. The package will be delivered today. That is very good service. I just hope I like the shirt.
I noticed this morning that Sony has modified their support website for my computer. They are now recognizing that they do indeed sell the notebook with Windows Vista Business. The update for Sonic Stage is now shown as being compatible with Vista Business. Their knowledge base also has an update on the iTunes/Vista problem with SATA hard drives with RAID implemented. Sony does not mention iTunes. They call it it a "third-party music player application." They say to wait for an updated compatible version of the music player application. Dell, on the other hand, has posted an update for the Intel Matrix controller for RAID. Since the Apple iPod wrecked Sony's Walkman business I am not surprised that Sony is dragging its feet on enabling its Sony Vaio computers with Vista to be able to use iTunes. I really miss listening to podcasts on my iPod.


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