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Thursday, June 21, 2007


Yesterday, UPS delivered my new Red Hat T-shirt. It is better than I expected. I don't think I will have to worry about someone else wearing the same thing. I doubt that too many would find a T-shirt at a place called
I just came back from my walk on the village center's indoor track. I wore my pedometer and also counted my laps. When my count reached the equivalent of one mile,I checked the pedometer. It said 1.05 miles. I am walking on the outside track. The number of laps that are supposed to equal a mile are probably measured from the middle track. I now have confidence in the accuracy of my pedometer.
Intel has posted what is supposed to be a final version of the Matrix RAID controller. It cautions that it should only be installed by very experienced users. That scared me. I am not going to risk messing up my disk drives in order to install iTunes. I am just going to wait for Microsoft or Apple to deliver the fix in a foolproof form.
We have been having light rain this morning. I was going to go to Sam's Club and stock up, but the weather is discouraging me. I looked at my list and decided I did not really need to go to Sam's. A trip to the new Wal-Mart store should take care of what I need for several more days.
I was hoping that the Bridge for Dummies book would arrive before the Friday bridge game. sent me an email on the 18th saying they had shipped the book by the US Postal Service. The tracking information has not updated since the 18th. The post office's tracking data is very poor compared to FedEx and UPS.


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