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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Going Well, Almost

Over the weekend I received an email from that they had shipped the book I ordered on Photoshop Elements Ver 5. Yesterday morning I checked the USPS tracking information, and all it said was they had received electronic notice from the shipper to expect the shipment. I thought it would be at least mid week before the book arrived. This morning I again checked the tracking data, and it said the package was delivered in Frisco, Texas, yesterday. I disarmed the alarm and opened the front door. The package was right by the door. I played canasta yesterday afternoon and drove my car. I came in through the garage and did not go out for the rest of the day through the front door. That is why I missed the package.
This morning I checked my credit card and the $65 credit from for the price reduction on my printer had already posted. I still find it hard to believe that they were so willing to make the adjustment.
My canasta play did not go too well yesterday. I was not paying attention and picked up the discard pile of cards out of turn. I was terribly embarrassed. The ladies I was playing with were very nice about it, but I know my face was probably a bright shade of crimson. I blush easily.
On Saturday afternoon our cul-de-sac is going to have a block party. I think I will take my camera. I have never tried to photograph a party before. I usually confine my picture taking to non-human subjects. If I give myself a passing grade, I will post my pictures.


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