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Friday, June 22, 2007

Computer and Shopping

Yesterday my computer hung when I tried to put it in the sleep mode. When that happens, I have to hold the power button down until the computer powers off. I hate to do this because I fear that something will get corrupted. At last I finally have a clue as to the source of the problem. I noticed that when I clicked the Start button to put the computer in the sleep mode that the line that says "All Programs" had a a orange-brown glow to it. Some times the buttons in the task bar take on that shade. Anyway when I tried to put the computer to sleep, it hung. I have not had the problem since then and every time I click on the Start button the background of "All Programs" is white. After I saw this I started searching Google. I found user forums where others were having similar problem with Vista shutting down or entering the sleep mode. They were pointing at Nvidia graphics adapter drivers. Bingo! My computer has an Nvidia adapter. This is really good news because now I have hope that eventually there will be a new driver that fixes the problem.
The mailman delivered my Bridge for Dummies book from yesterday. I started reading immediately. The book is easy reading and makes sense. It seems to be just right for me. It is not too elementary nor too complicated. In the back of the book there are references to Internet web sites where you can play for free. When I finish reading the book, I am going to check those out. I think this book is going to help me more than the lessons.
It seems like I have been doing a great deal of online shopping. This morning I ordered a tally counter from I also ordered Senseo coffee so that my order was over $25 and qualified for free shipping. Since I am walking the laps at the village center the tally counter will help me keep track of how far I walk. I have the pedometer, but now I will have a check on it.
The rain is continuing. I don't know if it has rained this morning, but the sky looks like ti could happen at any time. Where is that low humidity that Dallas is supposed to have?


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