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Monday, March 12, 2007

Still Adjusting

I spent yesterday afternoon looking at the manual for the new Sony Vaio. I must say I am very impressed with the computer. I would say the Sony is the Lexsus and the HP dv9000T is the Lincoln. When you compare a Japanese luxury car to an American luxury car, it is obvious that the Americans just do not put as  much thought into the details. I am seeing the same type of differences in the high-end notebook pc's. The Sony has very handy, but unobtrusive buttons, to adjust the speaker volume, eject a CD, etc. The keyboard is has a much better layout. There is much less junk software installed on it. The HP tried to sign me up for all kinds of services the only time it booted. There was none of that on the Sony.
Since I am having such a good experience with the Japanese-designed computer, I decided to look for an all-in-one laser printer from a Japanese company. I read a review in PC Magazine for a Canon ImageClass MF 5770. It received the Editor;s Choice award. I then looked at the Canon website and found that it has the usual problem. It is not yet supported under Vista. I then found an announcement on the Canon website of a new MF 4690. It will start shipping in April. The website did not designate which Windows versions are supported. I did some more searching and found detailed specs on the PC Connection website. It lists Windows Vista as a supported operating system. I emailed Canon to confirm the Vista support. I got back an email that said they could not comment on product that had not shipped but gave me a phone number for their pre-sales department. I called. After much searching the man found the same specs I had seen on the PC Connection site.
My advice is if you are thinking about upgrading to Windows Vista, wait a while.


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