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Monday, March 05, 2007

I Feel Stick

Much to my dismay the last time I checked the HP order status I found that the computer has now shipped. I again called American Express and read the emails to the agent. I again was told to refuse delivery of the package. I was so agitated I again called HP and tried to contact Katherine Wapner, the CTO Escalation Manager, who had emailed me several times. I again was transferred and ended up with just a regular customer service representative. He said if I refused delivery of the package it could take up to two months to get my account credited. He said I had 21 days to return the package. All I have to do is call and get an RMA and they will pick up the next day. I again called AMEX. They said even though HP is a large reputable company he had seen cases where their word to authorize a return was not kept. He said he still advised me to refuse delivery and try to get a receipt from FedEx. I did not think FedEx would issue a receipt. I called FedEx and confirmed this. I started searching on the Internet for a phone number for Katherine Wapner. Her name appears on several websites. I started reading the horror stores about shopping experience with HP Home Shopping. It was enough to make me feel nauseated. After again considering the alternative I am going to follow the advice of American Express and refuse delivery. From what I have read I am taking the proper course of action by disputing the charge through the credit card company.


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