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Wednesday, February 28, 2007


The second pc from HP was supposed to have shipped yesterday. I have not received a tracking number. I have made several calls to HP today to no avail. I finally called American Express and opened a dispute case. The AMEX representative was very nice and sounded as though he was very familiar with the way HP treats their customers. He said after a dispute is opened it is usually resolved within a couple of days, but he cautioned me that it could take six to eight weeks to resolve. Either way I will get a computer or get my money back. This is the worst customer service experience I have endured in my entire life, and I have been around for a long time.
The order status has shown the computer as being in production for four or five days. The first computer was shown as in production for only one day and the next day the order status showed the FedEx tracking number. I am wondering if the Chinese plant has encountered production problems and the assembly line has been shutdown.
On Saturday Dallas had a wind and dust storm. Winds gusted to 50-60 mph. I watched as shingles blew off of my neighbors' houses. I do not think my house lost any shingles, but I want a roofer to check it out. I am worried about the ridge row vent being loosened. That happened to my house in Beaumont before my new roof was put on. Water came in under the ridge row vent and caused sheetrock damage. I was very disgusted when Meagan told me that Pulte does not cover wind damage if the winds exceed 40 mph. She said that is an act of God, but they are going to make a one-time exception. 40 mph is just a gentle breeze compared to the 12+ hour beating my Beaumont house took with winds up to 110 mph during Hurricane Rita. The roof did not lose one shingle. I wish the roof on my new house were half as good.
Monday morning I noticed a plumber working on the house across the street. One of my outside faucets has stopped working. I had called Meagan about the faucet. I asked the plumber if I was on his list. He said he was there to replace all the pressure regulators on the street because quite a few failed. I left home. When I got back, the first thing I noticed was the toilet would not stop running. I checked the second bathroom and that toilet also had the same problem. I was able to stop the water flow my lifting up the float arm. I called Meagan and told her. She said that was not an emergency. I told if I had to fish in the toilet tank at 2 AM, it was an emergency. She said an emergency was when the floor was covered with water. Anyway the plumber arrived at my house around noon yesterday. He adjusted the toilets and also reduced the pressure of the water inlet to the house some. He checked the outside faucet and said it would have to be replaced. He did not have one with him. He said he would return on Thursday.


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