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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Lost All Confidence in HP

On Thursday morning I received an email from the escalation manager at HP telling me that the shipment of the second pc was delayed until March 8. She said it would ship no later that ten business days after the original shipping date. She said I could reply to the email with my order number to cancel and I would receive a prompt refund. I immediately sent an email informing her that I wished to cancel. My reply was sent slightly over five hours after her email had been sent. She had also given me the option to call to cancel. Just to make sure I called the number and was transferred three times before I completed the cancellation process.
Late yesterday afternoon I got an email from the escalation manager telling me the computer would ship on Sunday. I immediately replied that I had both emailed and called to cancel the order. I told her "DO NOT SHIP". She did write back and say she would attempt to get the order canceled before shipment, and if unsuccessful, she would attempt to have FedEx reroute the package to their warehouse. I called American Express and told them the computer may be shipped to me. They advised me to refuse delivery and tell the driver to return the package to the sender since the computer is being shipped after the dispute case was opened.
On Thursday after I thought I had successfully canceled the HP computer I found that Sony is now offering the customizable Vaio AR. I placed an order. This computer is shown as out of stock but Sony is estimating that it will ship on March 7. I hope I do not get stuck with two very expensive computers. I am documenting every email and every call. HP will have a major battle ahead of them if they do not refund my money. I hate to get caught in disputes. This is the worst customer service experience I have had in my entire life.
Yesterday I went to CompUSA and saw a Sony Vaio AR with Windows Vista. The Sony and the HP dv9000 series are very similar. I only used the HP for a few hours before it died, but I did find the keyboard very annoying because there is a small right shift key. The Sony has a much better keyboard layout. When my old computer died, I called Sony to find out when they would offer customizable AR's. They said they would be available on March 1. At the time I did not think I could go without a computer for that length of time. Well I have been forced to endure without one and have found rather creative ways of coping. Sony kept their word and did offer the AR's on March 1. I hope they continue to fulfill their estimates.
While I was at CompUSA I looked at the all-in-one laser printers. I saw the HP Laserjet 3055 which I had been considering. It looks like it is top heavy with a scanner perched on top of the printer. I have found a Dell all-in-one laser printer that looks promising. I went over to the mall where Dell has a kiosk in hopes of seeing the printer. They did not have one on display but the salesman was very familiar with the model I am considering. He told me Dallas is the only city in the U.S. where Dell maintains a walk-in service facility.


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