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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

"In Production"

The order status of my new pc changed to include the above words this morning. It still lists the expected ship date as Feb. 8. I have no idea where HP's assembly facility is located. I hope it is not in China. I hope they are using the Compaq (owned by HP) facilities in Houston. Even FedEx Home should be able to deliver a package in one day from Houston to Dallas. I think it shows that I am really looking forward to the new pc.
Nice weather has returned to Dallas. I turned my lawn sprinklers on this morning. I had not run them for several weeks because of below freezing temperatures. I noticed a couple of sprinkler heads did not pop up. I called Meagan and asked her to schedule a service call. I also reminded her that the extension section in the fireplace vent pipe on the roof had never been painted. It will five months on Friday since I moved into the new house. It does not seem possible.
I am back at the Frisco library. There was a sign on the computer lab door that the facility was reserved until 1 PM for a training class. It said 24 additional pc's are available on the 4th floor. The chairs are not as comfortable up here, but I have a view of Frisco Square and can look across to Pizza Hut Park. The view is nice compensation for the hard chair.
Tomorrow I have an appointment with the dentist for my six-month checkup. I hope he does not find any problems. I do not have dental insurance and would hate to get another unexpected bill. The new pc plus the additional software and hardware is straining my budget.


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