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Monday, February 05, 2007


I am searching for computer hardware and software as usual. Now I am also searching for a new iron. I managed to destroy my iron by knocking it off the ironing board onto the floor. I don't do much ironing any more and am becoming clumsy.
Yesterday, the Frisco Library was closed so I had to amuse myself without a pc. I skimmed the two Dummies books I bought on Saturday. I went over and visited with a neighbor across the street. Fortunately they are not avid football fans so they were not watching the pre-game shows. They have not sold their old house yet. I came home feeling very fortunate that I no longer have that worry.
I read the Dummies book about how to attach a Windows Vista pc to a wireless network. It sounded like it is very similar to the XP procedure. My plan is to start up the pc, check for Windows updates and then purchase Microsoft's OneCare security suite.
I am not a football fan. I turned on the game and told myself I might get to see some clever commercials. I didn't even last until the kickoff before I turned on the DVR and was searching for better entertainment. I caught some of the post game commentary and knew that the Colts won but still have not seen the final score.
I am still lacking one 1099 form so I called the financial company this morning and requested a duplicate. I also called dLink. After reading about networking in the Dummies book, I began to wonder if I could move my laser printer to the room where I have the router, purchase a wired print server with a parallel port and avoid the expense of a new printer. After a lengthy wait on hold, I talked to a man in dLink's technical sales department. He did say that it was necessary to install a driver on the pc, but he avoided answering my question about Vista compatiability. He did tell me that in 4-6 weeks they would be introducing a new line of networking equipment. Right now I want to be able to print. I want to print out a few forms from the IRS website so I can do my income tax.


  • At 1:32 AM, Blogger Lumoto said…

    Hey, Sally! Long time, my friend! Thought I would stop by and see how you're doing. Sounds like a lot of headaches, but you're pulling it all together nicely. I think I won't fool with Vista. My laptop is Vista ready, but I fear it would take more mental energy than I'm ready to expend.
    Just wanted to say hi! Take care, friend.


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