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Monday, December 04, 2006

Fireplace Passed Test

My neighbors are busy, and I could find no one to come and witness my
fireplace test. Tomorrow is my 90-day walk through, and I wanted to
give the fireplace a 45 minute test before the walk through. I wanted
to have a witness in case the limit switch tripped so I would not be
accused again of imagining the problem. Well, I turned the fireplace
on and began my vigil. It ran for 45 minutes and put out quite a bit
of heat. At the end of 45 minutes I shut if off. Now I wonder if it
will run for longer periods.

I would have given up on the fireplace if I did not keep thinking back
to January, 1997. Beaumont had a major ice storm. Electric power was
off for several days and the temperature was below freezing. I was in
London, England, at the time, but my neighbors told me how they slept
in their living room by their gas-fired fireplace. The house had no
other source of heat. Some day the electricity may go off here in
Frisco during the winter months. I might be dependent on the fireplace
for warmth. That thought is what has driven me to get the fireplace
working properly.

I cannot be sure that the fireplace is completely problem free, but it
is definitely improved over the way it was when it was first turned
on. Then it took less than ten minutes for the limit switch to trip.


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