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Wednesday, September 20, 2006


I should not write this, but this blog is called "My Thoughts", and
this is what I am thinking. My anger keeps growing at the packers who
messed up my belongings. I think my feelings must be somewhat similar
to what a rape victim experiences. There has been an intrusion into my
life. All of my belongings have been stirred around and misplaced and
mistreated. I opened a few more boxes this morning. I found the
remainder of the towels that were hanging out in the bathrooms in
Beaumont. They were randomly distributed between two boxes. I have
found most of my linen closet items. I also found spare clothes
hangers so I can now hang up the clothes that I brought with me. I
have washed my towels, and they are now in the dryer.

I asked the neighbors to come over and listen to my garbage disposal
and tell me if theirs sounded like mine. They screamed at me, "Turn It
Off". There is something terribly wrong with mine.

I went for a little walk this morning. It was nice and cool, and I was
able to put on my walking shoes. They are new shoes and I had to walk
through mud to get back home.

The man from the shutter company called and wants to come this
afternoon to install the last shutter in the master bathroom. They
originally said they would be here on Friday. Today is fine with me. I
think I have to make another trip to Sam's on Friday. The consumption
of groceries goes on and on no matter where you are.

I think the Comet liquid cleaner in the spray bottle that I bought
yesterday is good stuff. I cleaned the whirlpool tub, and then took a
bath in the tub. The shower is all right, but I prefer a tub bath. I
also cleaned the toilets in both bathrooms. That makes me feel better.
I found the charger for my Black and Decker Scumbuster. I need to
scrub the kitchen sink and lavatories in both bathrooms. I will be
glad when I get the boxes cleared off the floor areas that have tile
so I can give them a good cleaning.

I am already getting tele-marketing calls on my new phone number.
After I said, "what do you want?" and when I got a reply, I said , "go
to h____" and hung up. I knew it was time to find that government
website to add my phone number to the do not call list. I had the
website bookmarked and registered the new phone number.

I was really mad at the movers who took dividers out of my office
center cabinet and record dividers out of my stereo cabinet. I was not
able to put them back. I finally figured out the secret for putting
them in place. There is a groove in the top of the cabinet that is
deeper than the groove in the bottom of the cabinet. If the dividing
partitions are slipped into the top groove they can be slid into the
bottom groove, but it does not work the other way around. I remember
when I moved in 1980 I had a struggle with the partitions, but I had
forgotten the secret of how to replace them. All of these little
problems add to my overall frustration.

I managed to stay awake last night to watch the season premiers of the
shows on CBS. I do not know what to think of the new show, Smith. I
don't think that one will last very long. It was a little too violent
to suit me.


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