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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Trying to Regain Control

I still am upset, but I am trying to put things in proper perspective.
There are so many things that I have in my house that I do not give
much thought to until now that they are missing. I want my magazine
rack. I want the manuals on my Sony TV's. I want my laser printer
paper. I wake up in the morning feeling tired. My brain feels like it
is paralyzed. A year ago I was in a state of panic because it was
becoming very likely that I would have to evacuate because of
Hurricane Rita. I keep reminding myself that I will never have to go
through that again.

I sent the FAX to USAA for the Beaumont house's insurance. It is so
much simpler to send faxes and use ebilling and estatements on the
Internet rather than try to send things in the mail. I checked my
pharmacy service website and see that they sent my prescription out
yesterday by USPS. This is good. I will not have any hassles with UPS
or FedEx. I checked my driver's license, and the delivery window
expires on Friday. Fortunately I copied the number for the order and
the phone number to call to my PDA. I have not opened the box where I
put the paper I printed even though it is one of the boxes I packed
myself and took in the car.

The garbage disposal makes a very loud noise. Yesterday I found a
screw in the kitchen sink that I cannot identify. I suspect that it
was thrown out of the garbage disposal. I found a hole in the
backyard. It is more like a trench. The grass has grown over it. It is
a good place to twist an ankle. It is on the list of things for Meagan
when she comes for the 21 day walk through tomorrow. This will mean
another round of service people showing up to make repairs. Actually
this house has fewer defects that need to be corrected than my three
previous new houses. It is the chaos of my household goods that really
has me upset, and the fact that I cannot work like I used to without
getting exhausted.


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