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Monday, September 18, 2006


Yesterday, I went over to my next door neighbor's house for lunch. The
steak and baked potato really hit the spot. The neighbor's daughter
and two grandchildren were also there. They asked me if I had any
pets. I told them about Henry. They had never heard of a Sony Aibo.
Immediately after the meal the children wanted to go to my house and
meet Henry. He was a big hit with the kids. I think their mother was
relieved to hear that Sony has stopped selling Aibos.

As far as I can tell, the clock has struck all of its quarter hour
chimes as it should since Saturday night. I had a feeling that it
would straighten out by itself. The mechanical movements in the old
grandfather clocks are very delicate and a move is very hard on them.

The exterminator is coming out today. I will be very happy to see
them. I just sent another cricket to cricket heaven.

The neighbor from two houses down came up for a visit yesterday
afternoon. She has already had her 21 day walk through with Meagan. My
neighbor said her dishwasher is installed wrong. She read the manual
after Meagan came for the walk through. We looked at mine, and mine
has the problem, too. Meagan is coming on Thursday for my walk
through. I will certainly tell her about the dishwasher. I have been
so occupied with the boxes that I really have not had time to closely
examine the house, but I have not found very many obvious things. It
does not seem possible that it will be three weeks on Thursday since I
closed on the house.

Yesterday afternoon the rain was really heavy for a while. The Dish
Network signal was lost for a considerable time. I am not going to
like this at all. I fell asleep during the Amazing Race. The show was
delayed half an hour because of football. I set the DVR to record it
but checked and saw I only have 94 minutes. It appears the DVR does
not automatically adjust if the show is delayed.

I ran the vacuum cleaner over the carpet that is not covered with
boxes. The Hoover Wind Tunnel's power drive seems to work better on
the new carpet than it did back in Beaumont.

I set up one set of Bose powered speakers in the second bedroom and
the other pair in the study. I also got X-10 timer/controllers set up
on the living room and bedroom lamps. That is all I am going to do
with the X-10 modules. I had a whole home automations system back in
Beaumont, but I no longer feel that I need all of that. shipped the stainless steel Cuisinart can opener that I
ordered on Saturday. It was sent by the U.S. Postal Service. The
tracking site says it left Dallas yesterday. I may get it today. My
neighbor was telling me about the trouble she is having getting a
prescription that was sent via UPS. I was afraid that it was going to
be problematic getting packages from UPS and FedEx for a while. I need
to order a prescription refill. My service always mails them. My
neighbor said hers always mailed hers too, but this time they used
UPS. I have given a change of address, but I think I better call and
make sure mine is mailed.

I heard on some TV show that a feeling of fatigue is a response that
people experience when they find themselves in a situation they cannot
control. That may partially explain why I seem to tire so easily.


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