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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Some Progress

It is Tuesday afternoon. My DSL connection was fine early this
morning. I went out this morning; and when I came home, my network
connection was good; but I could not load a web page. I looked at the
router, and it had a red light at the end where it said Internet. I
called AT&T tech. support. They ran me through some diagnostics and
decided it is a line problem. All I have now is a trouble ticket
number and no idea when it will be fixed.

I stopped at Frisco City Hall on the way to the doctor's appointment
this morning to turn in the alarm permit application. If I had read
the fine print, I would have known the form had to go to the Frisco
Police Department which is on McKinney. The woman at City Hall said it
was very simple to get to McKinney and gave me directions. It was
getting to be time for my appointment so I went to the doctor's
office. I had to fill out a mountain of new patient paperwork. The
doctor is very nice. He went to the University of Kansas Medical
School, but he is originally from Washington D.C. so he is not a
fellow Kansan. He told me he is on the Frisco City Planning
Commission. He said it did not seem possible that I was living in
Frisco Lakes already because he said it seemed like just a short time
ago that the commission was reviewing the plans for Frisco Lakes. He
told me originally Frisco Lakes was supposed to have its own shops
just for residents. Sun City Texas has something like that. I guess
Del Webb dropped the plans because I had not heard it mentioned

I expected my blood pressure to be at the top of the scale with all
the stress I am enduring. Instead it was 118 over 59. Go figure. After
I left the doctor's office I started looking for McKinney St. I drove
and drove and gave up. I went to the post office and then went to the
IKEA store and had their baked salmon. I thought it was time for some
healthy food.

I found that my Internet connection was gone when I got back home. I
called AT&T. I also called Dish Network and ran through the test of
the telephone line so I will not incur the $5.95/month charge. I
called my insurance company and asked them to fax the windstorm
exclusion form to me so I could get the fire policy on the Beaumont
house. I am still waiting for the fax to arrive.

The cabinet man showed up to move the cabinet over the refrigerator
up. He took out his tape measure and measured. The cabinet was 71.25
in. above the floor. It was supposed to be 72 in. above the floor. He
said probably what happened was they measured before the tile was
installed on the floor. He was very careful and did nice work. Now I
need to have the ¾" painted and a little texture touch up. Anyway the
refrigerator rolls easily under the cabinet now. I am sure glad I did
not have the Sears delivery people take the refrigerator back. I like
the refrigerator, and it is just the right size for my kitchen.

I have only managed to unpack one box today. I am still going to have
boxes sitting around at Christmas time if I don't get busy. The
problem is I seem to tire after I do a little work. My brain is in a
confused state.

My confused brain finally memorized my new phone number, but it is not
handling the code for the alarm system. I took the manual with me in
the car this morning. I have the code in my wallet. After I get it
memorized I will get rid of the note in my wallet. I did one smart
thing and put my Mapsco book in the car. If I had the book with me
this morning, I would have been able to find McKinney St. I would mail
the alarm permit application in if I knew how much money to send. The
application does not state the amount of the fee. I called the
non-emergency number for the Frisco Police to inquire and got voice
mail with no way to get to a human.

I need to call AT&T and learn how to use voice mail on my home phone.
They probably have the information on their website, but that is no
help since I can't get to the Internet.

The man who repaired the hurricane damage on the Beaumont house called
to tell me that he finished the repairs on Saturday. He said he fixed
the hole in the sheetrock that the movers created when they were
bringing a cabinet down the stairs. I do not miss the stairs, but I
feel like I could use roller skates when I walk the length of the new

I talked to Gary, the construction superintendent, about some help
moving the bookcases back against the wall and carting off the clock
crate. He said he would come by this afternoon. The lawn crew is
mowing and edging right now. They are a three man crew. I still have
to learn how to program the sprinklers. Moving has always been
difficult, but trying to comprehend all the technology is making this
one extremely difficult.

Last night I fell asleep in my recliner in front of the TV with the
new Dish Network remote control clutched in my hand. I woke up and
went to bed and slept clear through the night. That was the best sleep
I had in several weeks. Maybe that was why my blood pressure was so
low this morning. Tonight is the season finale of Big Brother. I
managed to see every show

Meagan and a co-worker came by and made me adjust my hot water heater
myself. They have their corporate rules and are not allowed to touch
it. Anyway there are two thermostats and both were set below the
minimum setting. GE has a recommended setting for the dishwasher so
both thermostats are now on that setting. I will have to remember not
to turn the control to maximum in the morning when I take my shower.

The clock is running just fine. I heard it early this morning and knew
what time it was. I have not found the clock I keep on the night table
beside my bed.

Some time after I lost the DSL the regular phones went out too. I
called AT&T and reported the loss of the phone. They said they would
send someone out tomorrow afternoon. Soon after that I looked out the
window and saw the same technician who installed the phone and DSL
yesterday. He came to the door and said a contractor cut the lines he
had installed, and he had to redo them. A little while later I looked
at the router and saw the Internet line had changed from red to green.
I tested the phone, and I have a dial tone again. I did not get my fax
from the insurance company.

My former neighbor from Beaumont called and said the for sale sign
went up this afternoon on my house. I hope the realtor will be calling
real soon with an offer.

And so it goes.


  • At 6:26 PM, Blogger Teresa said…

    The amount of work involved in a move is amazing. I would be pulling my hair out by now if I were you. But you seem to be very organized and that's going to get you through all this. Sounds like Frisco Lakes is a great place to live!
    I hope Erica doesn't win tonight, but then I don't really like Mike Boogie either, so I guess it doesn't matter.


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