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Thursday, September 21, 2006

By Christmas It Will Be Better

A few good things happened. My trash was partially picked up
yesterday. Regular trash in the gray container was collected for the
first time, but they did not take the packing paper I had placed in
the blue recycle container. My neighbor told me paper had to be in
brown grocery sacks. I do not have any brown grocery sacks so I
wheeled the blue container to the construction trash bin and emptied
the packing paper. Both the City of Frisco and Frisco Lakes have so
many rules, it is hard to know exactly what to do.

My next door neighbors are leaving this weekend for a long trip to
Europe including Turkey and on to Egypt. I think they are very brave.
Then they are going on to Puerto Rico where they still have their
house. They wanted to get some landscaping done before they left, but
they have to submit a plan to the Frisco Lakes ruling gods. They were
told it would be three weeks before their plan is approved. People
from my former neighborhood in Beaumont could not survive with these
rules. I really think the restrictions are a good thing, but it
appears they are being carried to the extreme. I have not heard
anything about the crime I committed by having the satellite dish put
in without approval. The woman across the cul-de-sac has committed the
same crime, but hers is worse because her dish faces toward the front.

I got a letter from Denton County threatening me and chastising me for
not checking the box stating that I am a U.S. citizen on the voter
registration form. They sent me a new form which I have to return to
them within ten days or my application to vote will be denied. I am
registered to vote in Jefferson County. I think I could probably get
away with sending in an absentee ballot for the November election if
Denton County does not issue my registration.

My drivers license still has not arrived. I will wait until the mail
is delivered tomorrow and then start inquiries.

The final shutter was installed in the master bathroom. The
workmanship is very good, but I think they used a different paint on
it than the others. There is more gloss and it is a slightly different
shade. I am not going to do anything about it. No one but me would
ever notice.

The technician from the tubes in the wall exterminator company didn't
show up until almost 4 PM. I watched him inject the chemical into the
tubes. The tubes are very different than I had imagined. They are a
very small diameter and there are probably a dozen at each station. I
hope this system really works. I saw a humongous spider right at the
edge of the garage door opening when the door was up yesterday. It ran
away, and I don't know if it ran in the garage. The bugs in North
Texas are different than what I grew used to in SE Texas.

Meagan will be here at 11 AM for the 21 day follow up. The most
important items are to get the dishwasher and garbage disposal
straightened out.

I got more annoying telemarketing phone calls yesterday. I told them
that my number was on the do not call registry. They hung up
immediately. Getting a new phone number and not registering it, is the
same as getting a new computer and putting it on the Internet without
a firewall and virus protection. I should have registered the new
phone number as soon as AT&T told me the number before I left


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