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Friday, August 25, 2006

More of the Same

I am able to check a few more items off the list. Yesterday my
construction superintendent called. He wanted a form that the City of
Frisco required me to sign so the final permits could be issued. My
neighbor had mentioned that he was looking for them last week so I was
forewarned. He faxed the form to me I signed and promptly sent a fax
back to him.

This morning I went to Discount Tire and had them check my tires so I
am ready for the road trip to Frisco on Sunday. The tires required no
air. Then I went to the post office and turned in a request to hold my
mail and mailed the change of address for to the I.R.S.

When I got back home, I cleaned the car's windshield. Then I went to
work programming the thermostat for when I leave permanently. The
realtor wants the house nice and comfortable for showing prospective
buyers. We have opposing views on this. I, on the other hand want to
keep the temperature relatively warm during cooling season, and if I
am unfortunate enough that the house is still unsold by the time heat
is required I want to keep the house quite cool (let them wear coats).
The programmable thermostat has been replaced two times since I have
lived here. Each new model has made the programming a little easier,
but I still have to go through the manual step by step in order to
change the program. I have to enter heat and cool temperatures for
four separate times--wake, leave, return and sleep for Monday to
Friday and also for Saturday and Sunday separately. It is very easy to
miss a step. I really hope the thermostat in the new house is less
complicated. It is very easy to temporarily override the program. That
is what I will do for the remainder of the time here.

I was not going to take my computer with me until the final trip, but
now with the possibility of Ernesto heading our way I decided it is
best to have my computer with me. His path may not be dertimined by
the time I leave on Sunday.


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