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Thursday, August 24, 2006

I Feel Much Calmer

Last night I finally reached a point that I was exhausted and fell
asleep on the sofa with the TV on. My lights are on a control system.
I woke up to in total darkness except for the glow from the TV. I then
slept through most of the night.

I gathered up everything the realtor said would be helpful. I have all
the manuals for appliances in a folder which I am to leave in a
kitchen drawer along with the remote for the garage door opener. I
made copies of the Texas windstorm inspection certificates for my roof
and siding. Those are very important with windstorm insurance becoming
so difficult to obtain on the Texas Gulf Coast. I also made copies of
my last spring and fall inspection reports on the HAC systems from
Efficient Systems. I have had a service contract with Efficient
Systems since the house was brand new. The air conditioner and heater
have been checked every six months for almost nineteen years. I filled
out a table listing my utility costs for the last 12 months. I have
not received the August water bill so I have one more number to add.

The sample of a shutter slat with my paint was in the mail yesterday.
I will take it with me to Frisco on Sunday and see how it matches the
window sills. I emailed the shutter company and let them know that I
received the sample and will call them first thing Monday morning to
let them know if I approve of the color. One of the men wrote back and
said he would get the key from me and install the shutters on
September 7. All of the windows except the one in the master bathroom
will be covered when I move in. I am really getting excited to see how
the shutters will look. I have wanted plantation shutters for years.

Last night when I was collecting the appliance manuals I found the
sales receipts. I was surprised at how expensive my Maytag washer and
dryer were. They were almost as expensive as the new ones I am buying.
I never really like that washing machine. I hope I feel better about
the new ones.

I keep checking the Sears website, and they continue to show the
refrigerator I am buying as in stock. It is more than a month since I
made the purchase. If there was an error on the availability, it
probably would have been corrected by now. Home Depot still has not
listed this model. Sears must have a special arrangement with General
Electric. Anyway I am past the period where I could go back to Sears
and ask for a price match. I am going into Sears in Frisco and have
them double check the refrigerator, washer and dryer availability so
there will be no glitches.

The clock service man is supposed to be here at 10 this morning.
Tomorrow I will get gasoline and have the tires checked so I will be
ready for the trip on Sunday. On Saturday I will gather up everything
I want to take to the storage unit. My garage is so hot I do not want
to put things in the car until Sunday morning when I am ready to


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