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Thursday, August 24, 2006

The Clock

The clock service man just left. It was a very educational experience
for me. Blake's Clock Company has been in Beaumont for many years. A
man named George Blake owned the company. He recently retired and sold
the business to a couple who had worked for him. The new owner told me
the make and model of the movement in the clock. He showed me just
what he did to immobilize the movement. He had a special styrofoam box
for the weights and a special box for the pendulum. He recommended I
take the weights and pendulum in the car. I am going to do that.

He told me that George Blake studied clock making in his spare time in
The Netherlands while he was stationed there during his time in the
Air Force. He came back to Beaumont and started his business. He
trained many technicians. The man who was out today was the last one
George Blake trained. He told me technicians who are able to service
the old German mechanical movements are a dying breed. He said I am
lucky to have the name of someone in Frisco who can take care of the

I have had the clock since 1977. It was moved in 1980 to Houston and
in 1987 back to Beaumont. The moving companies hired technicians to
prepare and set up the clock for the previous moves. I did not pay too
much attention to what was done to the clock. I do not think it got
the degree of care that it received this time. I think I got my
money's worth on this deal.


  • At 7:20 PM, Blogger That Cleaning Lady said…

    Hello from Washington State, I picked up your blog from Claudia's Place.
    Thanks for sharing your move information, I've enjoyed seeing how meticulous and concerned you are that everything goes well, and I certainly hope the clock and all your belongings get to the new house just fine.
    Please, however, take a little time to do some deep breathing and take a hot bath. Relax!!! It's all going to be fine, and even if there's a glitch or two, it will still be fine, long as you get there safely. All that stressing you're doing is dehydrating your body too, so please drink a lot of water and use extra sea salt too!!
    Take care and relax!!


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