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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Another Good Day

I continue to be very pleased with the new pc. I have read comments about how Vista is much slower than XP. I am finding just the opposite, but I did shell out quite a few pennies for a very hefty piece of hardware. The website for Frisco Lakes homeowners was terribly slow on my old computer. I have heard several people say the same thing. I am truly amazed that my new Vista machine zips through the website.
I am waiting for Canon to release the ImageCLASS MF4690. I have decided to go ahead and buy it locally so it will be easier to return in case of problems. This device has a very unique feature. You can plug a thumb drive into a USB port on the printer. It will scan documents in a number of formats and store the files on the thumb drive. You can then copy the files off of the thumb drive on to a pc. Processing of the scanned images can be done on the printer and does not have to involve the computer.
Speaking of thumb drives I started readying about Windows Vista's ReadyBoost feature. Vista can use the flash memory in a thumb drive to speed up a number of Vista functions. Sandisk has partnered with Microsoft for the ReadyBoost feature. Sandisk is going to start shipping a new line of Cruzer Contour thumb drives that have much faster flash memory than is in current thumb drives. They are going to have high prices, but they come in a number of different sizes up to 8gb.
I have turned my computer into a big iPod. I took the earphones off the iPod and plugged them into the computer. I am listening to podcasts that I have missed over the past six weeks. One day Apple will release a fully Vista compatible version of iTunes, and I will again be able to use the iPod.


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