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Monday, August 28, 2006


I am now in Frisco.

Yesterday morning before I left Beaumont I had my usual morning
session on my computer. I have been checking Sears website for my
refrigerator availability every day since I bought it on July 20.
Every day until yesterday it had been showing that it was in stock for
delivery in the Frisco zip code. Yesterday it showed that it was out
of stock. I have not had an opportunity to check with the Sears store.
This morning I called the GE Answer Line. The rep. said he showed that
they had shipped enough to fill existing orders but all of the
inventory points showed none available. He said production is starting
again today, and they should be available to stores by mid-September.
I was feeling pretty miserable thinking about eating in restaurants
for a month or so. Today I have hope again that I will get my
refrigerator on September 9.

I left Beaumont at 7:15 AM, stopped in Fairfield, TX, for lunch and
arrived in Frisco at ~1 PM. I checked into the hotel, and then went
to the storage unit. All of my boxes that I had placed in the unit on
the previous two trips along with the huge bottle of Tide HE detergent
that I had bought in July were just as I had left them. I placed all
of the items that I brought this time in the unit. That was rather
hard on me in the 98 degree heat.

I then drove straight to Frisco Lakes to see my house. My construction
superintendent told me that he would leave the patio door unlocked so
I could get in. My neighbor had emailed me that the customer relations
manager, Megan, had said she was locking my house. Megan had won that
one and the house was locked. I was glad that it was. Even though Del
Webb is providing 24 security I think it is better to be safe than
sorry. I then went and introduced myself to the neighbors that closed
August 24. They are living in their house already. They have a
refrigerator, washer, dryer, bed, sofa and card table and folding
chairs. They sold their house two years ago and have been travelling
in an RV. They are buying a lot of new furniture and having things
that were in storage moved to Frisco.

I then went to the sales center and asked if I could have a key to get
into my house. They called my sales associate and she drove me back to
the house. There are many cosmetic defects that need to be touched up.
They will be working today. I have the walk through at 2 PM, but I
want to get into the house with my notebook and start making lists.
Del Webb has a very detailed policy to insure customer satisfaction.
They have several follow up visits during the first year to correct
any defects. I just wanted to find as many as possible before I move
in and get them corrected.

I forgot to take the sample of the shutter that has my paint on it to
the house yesterday. After I go to the post office this morning to
pick up my accumulated mail, I will head back to Frisco Lakes. My
construction superintendent will be on site, and I am sure he will be
able to let me into the house. I have to call the shutter people this
morning and let them know if the paint color matches.

After the walk through, I will go to Sears and find out if they have
any additional information on the refrigerator. I did not sleep well
last night. My brain keeps churning. Tonight I will probably fall
asleep very early.

I am very thankful that it now appears that the Texas coast is not
going to be threatened by Ernesto. Frisco actually got a little rain
yesterday afternoon, and rain is forecast for today. Rain follows me
wherever I go. I have a feeling that the drought in Frisco will soon


  • At 6:30 AM, Blogger momula said…

    Hi Sally,
    Glad to see you're hanging in there, and that things are going well. With all of your planning, I would think there is very little chance of anything really critical going wrong.
    It sounds like you will be trading interesting travel stories with your new RV-owning neighbors. Since I hate to fly, I would love to have an RV to take a few years to travel around the country. Someday ....
    I bet your neighbors will be glad if you bring the rain with you - I singlehandedly stopped a week-long heat wave several years ago by finally breaking down and buying an air conditioner! ( :
    I hope the rest of the week goes well. I'll be chilling the champagne in anticipation of a successful, uneventful closing!


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