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Thursday, March 17, 2005


My time is limited today so I will just update previous posts.

The Wal-Mart Self Check-Out scanners continue to give mixed results. Saturday I was able to scan my items and pay with the shopping card without problem. This morning I scanned all of my items and selected the shopping card as my payment. As soon as I swiped the shopping card, the machine said seek assistance. Fortunately a supervisor was standing nearby and had been watching me. She came right over and entered her pin. She said, "I am doing exactly the same thing you did." She swiped my card and was then asked to scan the back of the card. She must have tried ten times before the scanner read the bar code on the back of the card. Wal-Mart needs to do some work on this system. As least this supervisor was very pleasant.

The UPS tracking information said the package with my sandals departed a town in Colorado and is on schedule for Monday delivery. The Epson Premium Glossy Paper from arrived yesterday which was one day after placing my order. The second item on my order, the Epson PictureMate print pack has not been processed yet. I do not understand how Amazon handles their orders. Some times they ship super fast, and other times they seem to drag their feet on the orders. No word on my new eyeglasses. I hope I hear from them soon. I am looking for forward to getting the new glasses.

The weather has turned nice. I am going to try to go to the botanical gardens again tomorrow morning. The morning light is great for photographs.


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