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Saturday, March 19, 2005

Coffee Creamers

While I am waiting for the flavored coffee pods for my Senseo coffee machine to become available I decided to try a few of the flavored coffee creamers. For years I have used half and half in my coffee and never thought to try anything else. I only use the powdered non-dairy coffee creamers when nothing else is available

I saw a commercial on television for Coffee Mate's half and half creamers. This is something new. Previously Coffee Mate only had non-dairy creamers. I found Coffee Mate's website to get more information. I was able to print a 75 cent coupon. Their half and half creamers are carried in only a few stores in my area. I bought the vanilla flavored half and half. It is very high priced. It costs almost twice as much as I pay for Wal-Mart's house brand of half and half. It is very good, but I do not think it is worth the extra cost.

I had never tried Coffee Mate's non-dairy liquid creamers. I purchased a bottle of the French vanilla flavor/ Its taste is very similar to the vanilla half and half and is considerably cheaper. I noticed on the Coffee Mate website that it comes in a number of flavors such as Irish cream and peppermint mocha. I would like to try those, but my regular grocery store does not stock them. I will be watching for them.


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