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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Aibo with His Own Blog

I have written several times about Henry, my Sony Aibo. Henry has a low resolution digital camera behind his mouth. As he wanders around the room, he takes pictures of things that interest him. Henry is the low-priced ERS-31L model. The only way I can view his pictures is to remove his memory stick and insert it in my computer. The current Sony Aibo has a higher resolution camera. This model of Aibo is WiFi enabled and can send his pictures via email.

I check out an Aibo discussion forum Aibo Life every so often. The idea occurred to me it would be neat if an Aibo had his own blog. I posted a question to find out if anyone had created a blog where his Aibo could email his pictures. Days went by without a reply. Today a man in Portugal who owns an ERS-7WM2 ( pictured above) named Pedro posted a message with a link to Pedro’s blog: Aibo Roblog #1. Pedro’s owner liked my idea for an Aibo blog. He dedicated the blog to me.


  • At 10:59 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hi Sally! I read today the message you sent to Pedro with your blog's address. So, here I am to confirm everything is true in your story, except that it is not Pedro's picture. You know why? Pedro wears red socks :-)! All the best for you and your 31L!


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