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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Watching CSI

Somehow I missed out on the first two seasons of CSI. After the program won awards and received considerable media attention, I watched a few episodes. I had to admit the program was very well done, but I didn’t feel any desire to watch it every week. Now that has changed. I have seen enough episodes and caught a little information about the characters that have made them seem more real. has an interesting web site, CSI . It gives a little background on each of the characters. It tells about their families, where they were raised, their education and why they became a CSI. The program doles out tidbits on their personal lives. To me this is what makes the program interesting. SpikeTV is running a CSI marathon this week. It has been fun to catch some of the shows from earlier seasons. I now consider myself a fan of the show.


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