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Friday, September 23, 2005

Still Sunny in Beaumont

I am watching very little television. It is too unsettling. My computer is a comfort to me. I have just finished checking the usual websites that I visit everyday. Yesterday when I was trying to find the hotel I spotted a Wal-Mart. I went there this morning and bought Cheerios, milk and orange juice. I also got a bottle of Windex. I cleaned the bugs off my car’s windshield. My room has a small refrigerator (not a mini-bar) and a small microwave. I brought my place setting of Lexan travel dinnerware with me so I have a bowl and plate. I ate a big bowl of Cheerios and drank my orange juice. The hotel provides a coffee maker. I brewed a cup of coffee. I think I have worried two or three pounds off. My clothes feel looser. I am going to have to force myself to eat. I have to stay well and keep a clear head for what may be ahead of me.

The hotel provides The Wall Street Journal to its guests. I subscribe to the WSJ. I picked yesterday’s from the drive when I left yesterday. On Wednesday I went online to the WSJ and asked that my subscription be put on vacation hold. This is no vacation. I also left a hold mail card in my mailbox. I can also put in the request online but have not done that yet. This is probably all unnecessary. If Rita hits, there will be no mail or WSJ deliveries.

I did hear one awful story on TV about a bus exploding that was carrying elderly evacuees from Houston to Dallas. They think oxygen cylinders may have ignited. The elderly people are from Bellaire. Bellaire is a suburb of Houston that is completely surrounded by Houston. When I lived in Houston, I worked in Bellaire. The traffic in Houston is horrendous on normal week days. I absolutely hated my commute to and from work when I lived there.

I noticed on the NOAA tracking map that came out at 10 that it looks like Rita is going to stall out over Texarkana on Sunday and Monday. This is not good. I do not want to be in a flood. I will wait until the hurricane strikes before I plan my next move. I do not want to go to a shelter.


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