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Friday, September 23, 2005

I am really getting worried

It looks like it is coming in on the west side of Port Arthur. The CNN weatherman, Rob Marciano is in downtown Beaumont at the Neches River. He was talking about the things I mentioned in a post earlier this morning. It is just a question of how far the water will backup.

I am really upset because it looks like Rita will stall over Texarkana. I have made a reservation at Frisco Lake for tomorrow night and then a second reservation for Richardson on Sunday night. It is supposed to start raining here in Texarkana tomorrow morning. I do not like the idea of driving in the rain. I am going to get up early and see what the situation is. If the weather is not too bad, I will get out of here. I can checkout early at the FourPoints without penalty. After that I am without plans. Expedia has been a tremendous help in finding hotels with vacancies.

I talked to my friend who is staying in Jefferson, Texas. They left Beaumont at 7 AM yesterday and did not get to Jefferson until nine last night. Jefferson is not as far north as Texarkana. I made the right decision about leaving Beaumont at a little after 6 AM. I also talked to my next door neighbor. My next door neighbor is staying in Dallas with his son. He is talking about making a quick trip to Beaumont on Monday if possible to find out how bad it is. I am searching for any or all information about Beaumont.


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