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Thursday, September 28, 2006


I knew moving would be difficult. I tried to the best of my ability to
research every aspect of this move. The efforts I made in advance of
the move certainly helped make things easier, but still I was not
emotionally or physically prepared for how difficult the process would
be. It seems like I just wander around in a daze and do not know what
to do next. I will start one task and see something else that
distracts me.

Yesterday I emptied three of the seventeen boxes labeled "books" that
were in the garage. At last I found the manuals for the Sony
television sets. Again I am amazed at the things that are coming out
of the boxes. When I shook the paper, a gold-filled pencil fell on the
floor. I have no idea where the matching pen that was lying next to
the pencil is. I am missing a waste basket and my old, but beautiful
Christmas wreath for the front door. There are piles of things all
over the floor that I have no idea where I am going to find storage

Both the microwave and the wall oven are also convection ovens. I do
not know how to use convection ovens. I tried to turn the oven on and
set it to 350 degrees so I could warm some bread for a few minutes. I
could not even do that. The GE serviceman explained to me how to set
the oven controls. This is so frustrating. Normally I like to get a
new high-tech gadget, read the manual and put the new toy through its
paces. Now I have too many new toys and too many manuals to read.

I still have not touched the manuals for my telephones. I know how to
make a call and how to step through the caller ID's. I have no idea
how to store phone numbers. Yesterday I picked up the receiver that
appeared to be used and already had the battery installed. The battery
was dead. I found my receipt and have saved the box. That one is going
back to Circuit City today. I want to exchange it for one that is
fresh out of the box. I have not driven my car since last Friday. I
have just been in the house struggling with the mess.

The man that was supposed to fill the holes in the backyard showed up
at 7:35 last night. I had already set the alarm and put my nightgown
on. It was getting dark. It kind of frightened me to have a strange
man come to the door. As is the case with most of Pulte's construction
workers, he was Hispanic. I had a difficult time understanding what he
was saying. He was saying he was there to fill the "sink hole". When
it gets light, I will find out what he did in the backyard.

At 4:30 I gave up on the trash collection and brought the trash
container back in the garage. At 5:30 I looked out the window and the
truck was there collecting trash. I have heard on the news that Frisco
may prohibit the use of lawn sprinklers starting November 1 through
March 31. I most definitely am not going to spend any money on
landscaping now that I have heard that. I decided I would do nothing
to the backyard until the houses behind me are built. Who knows how
much damage will be done to my yard during the construction.

The block party for the Phase 1 people who have already moved in is
Saturday night. I sent my RSVP a couple of months ago when it was
first announced. My attitude has turned so negative I started thinking
about not going. I have to shake that feeling. I moved here to make
new friends and become involved in the community. If I crawl into my
shell. I will never snap out of my dismal state.


  • At 2:37 PM, Blogger Kristi said…

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  • At 11:39 PM, Blogger momula said…

    Hi Sally,
    Wow! You're famous! I bet the servicepeople will jump for you if you mention their names in your interview.
    I'm so sorry to hear about all the troubles you are having. It must be so disappointing to buy all brand new things and have them poorly made or break easily. You have the right idea, though - as you get through each one of these things, it gets solved, and by Christmas, you should be living in your new house comfortably. You may even find your Christmas wreath by then!
    I'm pulling for you, Sally, and betting you'll win this one.


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