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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Another Day

This morning is off to a better start. The DSL Internet service is
working and the telephone has a dial tone. I recorded my greeting for
CallNotes and have started the process of changing the phone number
for people who need to contact me. I remembered to register the new
number on the Federal Do Not Call List. Maybe I this will prevent the
telemarketers from finding me with this number

This morning the parade of repair people will be here to work on the
list I gave Meagan at the time of the 21 day walk through. My blog has
been very negative over the past few days. I want to say overall I
like my new house. I think Pulte could have done a better job
preventing some of the problems my neighbors and I have experienced.
Every new home has a few bugs. Overall the house appears to be well
constructed. My greatest concern is the off-center air return duct. If
that Is not fixed, I am very fearful that my cooling and heating costs
will be astronomical. In a few hours I will know if that problem can
be fixed. The dishwasher has problems, but I am certain something can
be worked out to improve it.


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