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Friday, September 29, 2006

Now This Is Interesting!

A little while ago another Spanish-speaking man showed up at my door.
He said he was from the HAC company. He tried to explain what he was
going to do. The technician who was here on Tuesday and Meagan said
there was a filter missing on the fresh air duct. Anyway the two men
who came in today went to work and installed an additional opening in
the space above the where the air filter goes. I now have surmised the
air return duct is supposed to be over to the side, but what was wrong
was what they are calling the fresh air duct was missing. I am still
missing a filter, but I saw that Meagan had a stack of what I am
assuming the new opening needs with her on Tuesday. I am waiting for
her to return my call. I grabbed the original filter and threw it out
and asked the man to put the new Filtrete filter that I bought
yesterday up there.


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