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Saturday, September 24, 2005

I lack information

CNN’s coverage of Beaumont is almost non-existent. I saw one taped piece from the weatherman Rob Marciano. I would like to see some pictures of the residential areas so I might get a clue. The levees held in Port Arthur and the Neches River adjacent to downtown Beaumont is still within its banks. My house probably has no water, but I do not know what the wind did.

I filled the car with gas yesterday in Texarkana. There were no lines. I asked at the desk here in Frisco where to get some gas. The desk clerk told me she drove from station to station yesterday before she finally found gasoline at Sam’s Club. She gave me directions to Sam’s and I filled up the car again.

Frisco is a very new suburban area. There is major road construction going on in the area. There is going to be a new retirement development: Sun City Lake Frisco starting in 2006. My parents moved to Sun City West outside of Phoenix after my father retired. I have kept my eye on the Sun City developments. Sun City Lake Frisco will be the third one in Texas. I am going to explore this one thoroughly I cannot go through another evacuation and hurricane.


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